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Supply Chain Assessment

The pharmaceutical industry is undergoing rapid transformation and the product supply chain represents just one facet of that change. In today’s global world starting materials, excipients, intermediates, APIs, packaging materials and drug products crisscross continents. Visibility, integrity, safety and reliability throughout the process is paramount to assuring patient health and product success.

With our collaborative approach, we help strengthen supply chains, either by working within your existing resource planning and quality systems, or by building stand-alone, risk-based tools to model and challenge the processes under varying business scenarios.


Our services include:


  • Supply chain mapping
  • Production planning and ramp evaluation
  • Supplier capabilities evaluation (on-site or virtual)
  • Supplier relationship management
  • Supply chain risk assessment modeling and tracking
  • Inventory and distribution optimization
  • Risk mitigation strategy development
  • Package integrity solutions
Supply Chain Assessment

A thorough map of the supply chain will help identify where the greatest risks lie. Assessing the probability of failure at any point in the chain, and weighing the impact on safety and product delivery, will allow you to identify priorities. Analysis of the priorities by a broad working group allows for thoughtful and robust mitigation plans. A control mechanism is needed to tracks progress of mitigation efforts and to re-evaluate risk as new information arises.